Image of surgery

December 10, 2007 § Leave a comment

Ganesh (

There are lots of surgery-related websites, but Image of Surgery is one of the more fascinating and weird sites I’ve seen.Dr. Alfred Feingold is a retired American anesthesiologist who spends his time taking pictures of the operating team at work. Some of his pictures are straight documentation and stock shots, but the really fascinating ones are the more arty, manipulated stuff, like the ones reproduced in this post. Feingold says:

The images are sometimes playful and at other times frightening and attempt to portray this duality of emotion that is inseparable from surgical care. The images also communicate the intimacy of this mysterious visual space where magical cures take place every day.

Legaspi (

Although not all his ideas are that well executed, this is something very unique and weirdly fascinating.

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