Disclaimer & Privacy

The Sterile Eye is a personal blog written and edited by me.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. I am not compensated in any way, nor do I accept any form of advertising, sponsorship or paid insertions. Any information collected on this blog, such as email addresses, will never be passed on to any third party, unless required by law.

When describing patients and colleagues, names and identifying characteristics have been deleted or altered in order to protect confidentiality and privacy.

Much of this blog’s content is related to surgery, medicine and health care. I am not a medical professional, just a simple photographer. Descriptions of medical and surgical subjects may therefore not cover all aspects and are not necessarily 100 % accurate. They are just my personal understanding. I am not in any way qualified to provide information about diagnosis or treatment of any symptoms or disease.

– Øystein Horgmo

Published: 28.02.2008
Last revision: 28.02.2008
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