Amateur Surgeon

March 9, 2008 § 15 Comments

Amateur Surgeon

A free online flash game called Amateur Surgeon has got me addicted this weekend.

You play Alan Probe, a pizza delivery guy who’s always wanted to be a surgeon. Driving your truck while reading “Top 100 gross surgeries” you crash into an old guy and have to perform emergency surgery. Using available tools like a pizza cutter (open his abdomen), a stapler (close his wounds), a lighter (cauterize wounds) you get the old guy going. Turns out he’s a retired surgeon, and he really wants to help you set up a practice on the sidewalk.

With the aforementioned tools you set about operating on people. Like the guy who was robbing depositing money in the bank and happened to fall on some bullets, getting them stuck in his pancreas and duodenum.

Amateur Surgeon - Bullets in the pancreas

I don’t know when surgery got boring, but Amateur Surgeon claims it’s “making surgery fun again”. It sure is fun using an etch-a-sketch for x-rays and a corkscrew for injections, though…

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§ 15 Responses to Amateur Surgeon

  • Oh, oh, sounds like my kind of site. I found one where you get to be the orthopod, but there are only five patients and when you are done with all five, that’s it.
    I am still trying to catch Wii in the stores so I can get Trauma Center I and II !

  • sterileeye says:

    Nothing like Trauma Center to take your mind off work after 12 hours of trauma, eh? ;)

    Never tried Trauma Center myself. Looks fun!

  • I know, I’m a geek with no life!

  • Hiidora says:

    I was wondering?.. Is there a way to play Amateur surgeon Act2 On a different site then Adultswim??.. Please answer

  • sterileeye says:

    I don’t know. Sorry.

  • lalalalindsay says:

    does anyone know how to get rid of the scorpions in this game ?
    i cant figure it out and trent keeps dying!

  • Øystein says:

    Zap ’em with the car battery!

  • Kat says:

    I am so lame I can’t even get past the dude with the glass I mean I took out the glass fine I was good at that I closed up all the wounds and did everything but still the dude kept dieing I never used the cutter I saw no place to use it I mean I read in the help it said to cut the glass cut on the yellow dotted line but no yellow dotted line came up so I closed everything up and continued on but the guy died do to blood loss. :( I just started last night but that is no exsuse I should be like way past this!!!

  • Sara says:

    hei er det noen som snakker norsk her? jeg vet at barn ikke bør spille dette men jeg er ti år og sitter fast på peter som kaster opp. det er altfor mye og gjøre og ikke nokk tid

  • Øystein says:


    Tror ikke jeg har kommi så langt, jeg. Så ingen tips, dessverre.

  • Druthulhu says:

    The scorpions that keep pouring out of Trent (Coat) have to be killed with the chainsaw. Yes the chainsaw! You kill the scorpions crawling around on, and in, his chest with the freakin’ chainsaw!

    What’s more, this “chiken” got stabbed when flashing (or worse)a girl … who had a knife THAT DELIVERS LIVE SCORPIONS INTO THE WOUND!!! I WANT THAT KNIFE!!!

    Problem is, there’s a deep bolus of some kind in between his lungs that keeps pouring scorpions out of it. I don’t know how to close or remove it … I’ve tried burning, cutting, sawing, zapping, tonging, stapling, gelling … I haven’t tried the corkscrew yet … BRB!!!

    – Druthulhu

    • chrystal says:

      use the chainsaw to cut it until u see a gold scorpion and then use the chainsaw to kill the scorpions.

  • Druthulhu says:


    If anybody knows, please write me at

  • Druthulhu says:

    Got it …

    Cut open the bolus with the chainsaw … don’t mind the screaming. Then a big yellow scorpion comes out. Kill it.

    BTW you can use the corkscrew gel to get a patient’s vitals up to 200% … or to 199% … before he crashes from overstimulation. That can be useful if you have the time. If you use the same site, without closing the wound if any, it shouldn’t create new wounds. Be sure to renew the gel each time or it won’t work.

    – Dru the ‘ulhu

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