SurgeXperiences 120 & Cabinet of Curiosities

April 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

The twentieth edition of SurgeXperiences – the one and only surgical blog carnival – is up at one of the most successful and well-written surgical blogs of them all, Sid Schwab’s Surgeonsblog.

He’s actually accompanied every submitted post with a limerick of it’s own. Here is his rhyme about my post Hand in gloves:

This article sends out the love
To surgeons who don double gloves.
It’s not that it’s dumb
But my hands feel numb;
I say “no” ‘less there’s cameras above.

Brilliant! And I’m hosting the next edition. Call for submissions will be up soon.

Another post of mine, Paean to the pean, is featured in a carnival I’ve never heard of before. It’s called Cabinet of Curiosities, and the current edition is hosted by the blog Bioephemera. According to carnival founder Tim it’s:

(…) the blog carnival that celebrates the stories behind the notable stuff that clutters up our lives and living spaces, and most especially those oddities of natural history, relics of bygone days, mementos, talismans, specimens and ephemera that you and I have kept for all these years.

Nice carnival. Check it out!

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