Check out SurgeXperiences 122

May 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

The 22nd edition of SurgeXperiences is up at The Paper Mask, the blog of Australian surgeon Sheepish.

Sheepish offers a good tip:

My tip – never let a sound recordist into your theatre, and if they do, insist that they remove that hairy dog from their microphone, unless you are happy for your patient to have their wound infected with bizarre and rare bacteria or fungi.

I couldn’t agree more. A zeppelin shotgun mic (as they’re called) with a windscreen is the exact opposite of clean. They start to smell after being used for a while, and I never heard of a windscreen being washed. A windscreen should, however, be totally unnecessary in an OR, where there’s usually no wind.

SurgeXperiences is a biweekly blog carnival, collecting the best of the surgical department of the medical blogosphere. Check out the back catalogue here. Read this if you would like to host an edition (highly recommended! I’ve hosted two editions myself).

The next edition will be up at Israeli anesthesiologist QuietusLeo’s blog The Sandman, on June 8th. He’s chosen the theme “The Philosophical side of Medicine” and is looking for some introspective blogging. Submit your posts here.

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