YouTube Surgery: Total Hip Replacement

May 12, 2009 § 12 Comments

My father-in-law had a total hip replacement a few weeks ago. I’m glad he didn’t watch this video before his surgery. This is why I usually remove all OR sound from my videos and have my pictures show actual surgery and not just a big red blur with metal instruments in it…

This game, on the other hand, was very educating.

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§ 12 Responses to YouTube Surgery: Total Hip Replacement

  • o0002 says:

    This video is just horrible… We cannot see anything of what’s happening, and the SOUND of it…. wow :(

  • barbara ridding says:

    brilliant.i had right hip replacement 16th june 2010…..the bbc did film this but have deleted the film…and i didnt get chance to watch ,so this ones brill…..xx

    • Øystein says:

      The BBC filmed it, but deleted it?! That sounds like a really bad deal.

      • barbara says:

        sorry i didnt realize you had replied,but yes they did i was told i wld get a copy as i did help them by letting them film and take part in a survey re pain releif during and aft surgery….i didnt even get a thankyou…but hey if it helps anybody in the future im happy,and happy to say my THR is a success,ive had both replaced now and am running about,its changed my life,so if theres anybody waiting to go thro this and apprehensive pls dont be,its amazing ! after…. xx

  • Terry Pinner says:

    The video tells me of the procedure however I had this po. in July 2011 and am still getting pain on the upper left side and in and under the buttock.I cannot stand on my left side and lift my right leg as there seems to be no support there and I am limping badly.if I lie on my right side i am unable to lift my left leg,please can you help with an explanation

  • Bionic Woman says:

    I’m a 43yr old female.. I had my right hip replaced 4 weeks ago… I totally under estimated how traumatic the surgery was on my body… I spent a week in hospital and was quite unwell. I would say the constipation after surgery was far far worse than the pain in my hip !!

    I am now on the road to recovery… I have progressed well and quickly too…I could walk up and down the road on crutches within days of being home.. I am mindfull of not over doing it…

    I need the other side replacing too… but need to fully recover from this first… I do now think bring it on ! .. I know what to expect and although it is horrible for the first week or so… it’s worth it in the end…

    p.s…I only managed to watch this video for a few seconds…I am too squeemish!

  • Barbara says:

    I’m still enjoying my new hips still

  • I am a 51yr old male that had my left hip replaced 15 days ago . Went in on a Monday and was home by wed. ( on day 3 ). I had the posterior approach , and was walking around the ward 7hrs after the surgery. I was using a walker for assistance and was allowed full weight bearing on the operative leg. I too must have my other hip replaced and have absolutely no fear , especially given my perfect recovery. It was scary at first knowing that this is major surgery but my quality of life was “Nil” ! We are fortunate to be living in this time and age where modern technology has eliminated most of the dangers that was at one time a concern . My advice to anyone that reads this is ” Go for it ” , you’ll get your life back !!

  • Chip says:

    Yeah. ….I’m going to have this done to me day after tomorrow. ……. I’m glad to be knocked out!

  • dawest58 says:

    I had a 4 level lumbar fusion in 2005 and have been petrified of any surgery since. Now, both my hips are bone on bone. They thought it was my back causing all my problems for the past year, but now know my hips need to be done first. I’m not a medical contractor (but was an RN prior to me back surgery) but believe every building needs a good foundation. It’s now 2018 and I realize that before my back can be done, I need the foundation (aka my hips) to be secure first. I am praying that these surgeries will not be as the last one that cost my career.

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