No Scrubs

September 25, 2009 § 1 Comment


Photo by Øystein Horgmo © All rights reserved.

The hospital where I work has two major building complexes. The cancer center, where I spend most of my days, is located about a 15-minute drive from the main hospital. Some cancer surgery and other procedures are, however,  only done at the main hospital, so I sometimes head over there with my cameras. This was one of those days.

I was filming some minor out-patient procedure. As I didn’t have time to change into scrubs when I got there, I did so in my office. I threw on a white coat too to keep warm, before heading over to the hospital’s minibus. In addition to the boxes of blood samples, this bus is always filled with patients, scientists and bosses going back and forth for treatment and meetings. People in scrubs don’t move that much between the two hospitals, so there was some staring as I clambered into the bus with my big camera backpack.

The filming went smoothly, and as I had another appointment back at the cancer center later, I hurried out to catch the minibus back, just to see it pass around the corner. Go@#%mmit! If I didn’t get back in a hurry, I might miss the next shoot. I glanced at my watch and ran down to the nearby road to catch a public bus.

A bit stressed out, I settled into my seat on the crowded bus – already planning the next camera setup in my head. Should I use the Steadystick this time? No, better to go with a regular tripod. That woman looks like she’s seen a ghost. And that man should keep his eyes to hims… Wait a minute. They’re all staring at me! Why are people staring at me?

And then I realized I was still wearing my white scrubs and coat.

I slowly started to envision someone on the bus having a heart attack, and me trying to explain that no, no, no I am NOT a doctor…

When my stop finally came, I got off the bus and quickly ran back to the comfort of the other white-clad people.

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