Medical Photographer, 1978

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Medical Photography Section, University of Oslo © All rights reserved.

Browsing through some old hospital newsletters, I found an article on cesarean sections and noticed a photographer in one of the photos. Being a photography section we typically don’t have many photos of ourselves at work, so I dived into our negative archive in hope of locating the shoot.

We have not yet been able to digitize our archives in a systematic way, and most of it is hard to search, as the entries for many years were logged only with the department and the requesting doctors name. This time however, I knew the year and the doctor from the newsletter story, and of course it was the department of obstetrics.

The year is 1978 and they must have been two photographers present at the surgery. I’m guessing this was a high-profile story and they didn’t want to risk missing a shot. Photographers are not mentioned in the story, so maybe one photographer decided to shoot the other for our archives (or out of boredom?).

The photographer is a former head of section and she’s sporting what seems to be a Nikon F SLR with a Sunpak auto124 flash.

Medical Photography Section, University of Oslo © All rights reserved.

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