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June 22, 2008 § 3 Comments

Photo by Christophe MOUSTIER.

Edition 124 of SurgeXperiences, the one and only surgical blog carnival, is up at Notes of an Anesthesioboist.

This is the last edition of the first season of this truly unique biweekly collection of blog post related to surgery. The season finale brilliantly sums up the great variation of subjects and writing styles SurgeXperienes collects. Be sure to check it out!

All 24 editions of the first season are collected here. If you’d like to host an edition, contact carnival founder Jeffrey. He will also be hosting the first edition of season 2, on July 6th at his great blog Monash Medical Student.

Check out SurgeXperiences 122

May 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

The 22nd edition of SurgeXperiences is up at The Paper Mask, the blog of Australian surgeon Sheepish.

Sheepish offers a good tip:

My tip – never let a sound recordist into your theatre, and if they do, insist that they remove that hairy dog from their microphone, unless you are happy for your patient to have their wound infected with bizarre and rare bacteria or fungi.

I couldn’t agree more. A zeppelin shotgun mic (as they’re called) with a windscreen is the exact opposite of clean. They start to smell after being used for a while, and I never heard of a windscreen being washed. A windscreen should, however, be totally unnecessary in an OR, where there’s usually no wind.

SurgeXperiences is a biweekly blog carnival, collecting the best of the surgical department of the medical blogosphere. Check out the back catalogue here. Read this if you would like to host an edition (highly recommended! I’ve hosted two editions myself).

The next edition will be up at Israeli anesthesiologist QuietusLeo’s blog The Sandman, on June 8th. He’s chosen the theme “The Philosophical side of Medicine” and is looking for some introspective blogging. Submit your posts here.

SurgeXperiences 121

May 11, 2008 § 15 Comments

Welcome to the 21st edition of SurgeXperiences – the one and only surgical blog carnival – collecting the best from the surgical department of the medical blogosphere. I chose to call this edition “Tools of the Trade”. So what are those tools, and what exactly is the trade? I think the great variety of posts collected here shed some light on the many challenges encountered by surgical people everyday, and the different instruments – be they of steel or grey matter – utilized to overcome them.

As I am no ancient mariner, I won’t attempt to rhyme. But as recent studies show that a picture says exactly the same as 1014 words, I’ll stick with what I know – visuals. I’ve decorated this edition with some photos I’ve taken of aesthetic surgical instruments. Enjoy. « Read the rest of this entry »

SurgeXperiences – Tools of the trade

April 28, 2008 § 4 Comments

I’ll have the honor of hosting SurgeXperiences again on May 11th. SurgeXperiences is a biweekly blog carnival that rounds up the best of the surgical department of the medical blogosphere.

Hosting after the outstanding job Sid Schwab did, will surely be, as we say in Norway, like jumping after Wirkola, but a little challenge is always nice.

Unlike last time, I thought I’d go for a themed edition this time around. And the theme will be: Tools of the trade. Nuff said. The rest is up to you.

Please submit your posts by May 9th here.

Photo © Roy McMahon/Corbis

SurgeXperiences 120 & Cabinet of Curiosities

April 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

The twentieth edition of SurgeXperiences – the one and only surgical blog carnival – is up at one of the most successful and well-written surgical blogs of them all, Sid Schwab’s Surgeonsblog.

He’s actually accompanied every submitted post with a limerick of it’s own. Here is his rhyme about my post Hand in gloves:

This article sends out the love
To surgeons who don double gloves.
It’s not that it’s dumb
But my hands feel numb;
I say “no” ‘less there’s cameras above.

Brilliant! And I’m hosting the next edition. Call for submissions will be up soon.

Another post of mine, Paean to the pean, is featured in a carnival I’ve never heard of before. It’s called Cabinet of Curiosities, and the current edition is hosted by the blog Bioephemera. According to carnival founder Tim it’s:

(…) the blog carnival that celebrates the stories behind the notable stuff that clutters up our lives and living spaces, and most especially those oddities of natural history, relics of bygone days, mementos, talismans, specimens and ephemera that you and I have kept for all these years.

Nice carnival. Check it out!

Check out SurgeXperiences 119

April 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

Edition 119 of SurgeXperiences – the one and only (I think) surgical blog carnival – is up at Marianas Eye.

I don’t know if it’s a sterile eye, but it nonetheless belongs to eye surgeon David Khorram, a native of Saipan, and a guy with a great sense of humor. The comments to his edition of surgeXperiences are very funny. Here’s what he said about my post “Yo mammae”:

“I was filming a nipple reconstruction…” Thus begins a “Tale of Two… ” um, no, I’m not going to say it… thus begins a tale by Norwegian surgical videographer, The Sterile Eye, who presents Yo mammae! That sentence is sure to become a classic in medical blogging literature. I give Sterile Eye the “Call me Ishmael” Award (which I just created) for week’s best opening sentence of a Carnival post.

You should also check out his thoughts on irritated eyes. Great stuff!

Edition 120 will be hosted by none other than Dr Sid Schwab of Surgeonsblog, on April 27.

SurgeXperiences archive and schedule can be found here. Please consider hosting an edition.

Check out SurgeXperiences 118

March 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Edition 118 of SurgeXperiences – the biweekly surgical blog carnival – is up at OpNotes.

SurgeXperiences collects the most interesting and compelling posts from the surgical department of the medical blogosphere.

OpNotes is a blog featuring informal discussions about new procedures, products, and ideas in the operating room.

All previous editions of SurgeXperiences can be found here.

If your blog touches on surgery in any way, you should absolutely consider hosting an edition. Here’s how.

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